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A2hosting, the famous web hosting company out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers a variety of options designed for both the individual and business communities. While the needs of their customers may change, however, most expect one thing from A2hosting and that is uptime. The company prides itself on being able to guarantee uptime in the 99.99 percent range. This is one of the major selling points of the company’s services as, on the web, extended downtime can mean death to your website.

However, that is not the only area where A2hosting hopes to succeed. With an awareness of the different types of site platforms out there-such as WordPress, b2evolution, and bbPress, it is the hosting provider’s hope that there is a place for all site owners under their umbrella. As many know, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. So popular is it, in fact, that b2evolution was birthed from the same coding language, though the latter promises to be “more than just for blogging.”

The customization factors of A2hosting are what make the site so easy to work with. While most site owners value WordPress because of how user friendly it is in adding text and incorporating media, many would prefer their site to offer a taste of something different. That’s why you’ll see some variation in the site building community with some owners putting b2evolution and bbPress to work in creating sites that value their readership. A2’s desire to work within this diversity and welcome different preferences with open arms gives the company a competitive advantage.

Another aspect of the service that helps the hosting provider is in its use of cPanel. With this functionality feature, it becomes possible for the user to take the bull by its proverbial horns and create a website that is built to specific standards for the pleasure of the readership. Also, instead of hiring someone to make the site look good, the site owner can quickly and effectively take advantage of site/domain management features, billing options, and email communications to produce the page they want at a fraction of the cost.

A2hosting is not the only option out there for the web professional or individual looking to create a cool website that builds a following. However, it is one of the best. By focusing on what customers are already doing with their websites and offering a wide assortment of site creation and management tools to keep progress moving forward, it is easier than ever before to get started, no matter if you are a WordPress user, or if you prefer b2evolution or bbPress. Whatever tools that you need, you can get your site off the ground and moving in the right direction at a more affordable cost, and from a more dependable provider than most.


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