Auto Apply a Promo Code on WHMCS

Sep 8, 2020

Auto Apply a Promo Code on WHMCS

WHMCS offers a very good promo code system allowing you to create a huge number of deals to offer your customers. In this short article we will how you how to auto apply a promo code on WHMCS.

Why would you want to apply a promo code automatically?

There are many reasons why you may want to auto apply a promo code on WHMCS product packages. This could be a first time money off deal for new customers or you could be linking in from another website directly to your cart page and wish to make to easier for your customers to simply sign up without the need to enter promo codes themselves.

How to auto apply a promo code on WHMCS?

The process is very simple. Let’s imagine your website is and your WHMCS link for a product is

In order to add a promo code automatically you simply need to add &promocode=XXXXX after the WHMCS product URL so in this example the URL you will use would be

Change the XXXXX to whatever your promo code is and when your customer progresses through to the checkout any discount will be automatically applied to the product package.

You can use this automatic system anywhere you place a URL for your product packages whether it be on your website, social media, blogs or even web directories. Once a customer uses this link the promo code will automatically be added without the need for the client to add their own codes.

There you have it, the simple way to automatically add promo codes to your WHMCS product packages. View more article on a range of categories in our blog.

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