Adding a new package in WHM

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Adding a new package in WHM #

In this article we will look at adding a new package in WHM. Your WHM or WebHost Manager account is where you will manage your client accounts and your hosting packages.

To add a new package to your WHM account follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Login to your WHM account

Step 2:

Scroll down the left hand menu and select the “Add a Package” option from the packages section. You can also use the search function at the top of the menu and search for “package” and the option will appear.

Step 3:

Enter a name for your new package in the “Package Name” field.

Step 4: 

You can now assign resources to your package including Disk Quota, bandwidth, Email Accounts and more. The resources you are able to offer will depend on the resources your package has.

Step 5:

Select any options from the “Settings” section.

Step 6:

Click the “Add” button at the bottom. You should then see a popup confiming the package has been added.

Once you have added your packages you can then start adding customers and assigning them a specific package to use for their hosting service.

*Please note: Due to the way WHM works, some features may not work for a package created after a customer account. It is always best to create your packages first before creating your customer accounts.