Can I create private nameservers?

Can I create private nameservers? #

Yes, you can create your own private nameservers such as and to use for your reseller hosting account.

In order to create these you will need to create host names/glue records directly with your domain registrar (if you have not registered a domain with us) and use the IP addresses shown on your Account Information email after the standard default nameservers.

Each domain registrar has their own process for creating private nameservers so please view their documentation or contact them directly as they will be able to guide you on their process much quicker than we can.

If you have registered a domain name with us, you can create private nameservers via your online account. To do this please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your online account at
  2. From the top menu click on Domains>My Domains
  3. Click on the Wrench icon on the right of the domain name you wish to manage.
  4. Click on Private Nameservers from the left hand menu
  5. You will see the option at the top to Register a Nameserver Name. Enter you first prefix such as ns1 and then enter the IP address and click Save Changes. Simply repeat this process for your second nameserver such as ns2 followed by the IP address and click Save Changes again.

You have now created your own private nameservers for the selected domain name. Please remember that you will need to wait for propagation which can take up to 24 hours before the nameservers will work correctly.

If you wish to use these nameservers on your own domain name, please note you will need to change the nameservers to these private nameservers you have just created in order for this to take effect.

If you need any help with creating nameservers please contact us or open a support ticket.