How to add reseller permissions in Zamfoo?

How to add reseller permissions in Zamfoo? #

Before you can add reseller permissions in Zamfoo, you first need to have an existing package or create a new package in WHM.

Assuming you have at least one package ready to go, follow these steps:

Step 1:

When logged in to your WHM account, scroll down the left hand menu until you see the Zamfoo Reseller plugin option and click to enter the plugin. You can also search for Zamfoo in the search bar at the top of this menu.

Step 2:

Once in the Zamfoo Reseller plugin, you will see the “Account Management” option from the top right menu. Click on this and then select “Modify Autogrant” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3:

Here you will see a list of your created packages. 5 are shown by default, however you can change this by selecting the number of records to show above the package name.

To the right of each package name are the current “Autogrant type” and “Action”. New packages should always show the autogrant type to be Not Set.

Click on the “Modify Autogrant” option under the action section to view the available options for that package. Depending on your reseller account level you will see a number of options to set for the package which could be:

  • Assign Alpha Autogrant
  • Assign Master Autogrant
  • Assign WHM Autogrant
  • Remove Autogrant

Step 4:

Select the autogrant option you would like to assign to your package. For example, if your package is for reseller hosting, choose the WHM option and if the package is a simple web hosting package, you can leave the package as “Not Set”.

Step 5:

Complete these steps for all packages which need an autogrant assigning.

You have now complete the autogrant for your packages and any clients you create and assign to these packages should now have the corresponding permissions.