How It Works

Our reseller hosting services are perfect for not only web hosting companies but also ideal for web designers and devlopers, agencies and freelancers who want to offer added value or unique selling points to their current product offerings. Learn how it works and much more.

Start your own web hosting business with ease or use our services for your clients websites

How It Works

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Sell shared hosting products, perfect for web hosts, agencies, freelancers and web designers.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Master Reseller Hosting

Offer more products to your clients. Sell shared hosting and reseller hosting packages.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Alpha Reseller Hosting

Our full service package. Sell shared hosting, reseller hosting and master reseller hosting packages.

Reseller Hosting

Your Own Storefront

No set templates or pre-made themes. Build your own unique storefront to sell your hosting packages.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Set Your Own Prices

We do not work on commissions. You set your own prices for your hosting packages and receive the full amount.

card payments

Payment Methods

You choose how to get paid and which payment methods to offer your clients so you are not tied down.

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cPanel & WHM Accounts

With every reseller hosting package you receive your own cPanel & WHM accounts to fully manage your reseller business. Use your WHM account to create client accounts and manage your reseller packages. Your cPanel account is used to manage all aspects of your website including files, databases, email addresses and SSL certificates.


Making money

You have chosen your reseler hosting package but what now? How do you turn your new account into revenue? This is done by selling our shared hosting products directly to your own customers. You have the ability to create as many different hosting packages as you like using WHM and sell these packages on to your clients at prices you decide. You only pay for your reseller hosting package from either on a monthly or yearly basis with no extra costs involved.

Sell Shared Hosting

Web Hosts

Web hosting businesses can sell a whole range of our reseller hosting services


Sell web hosting with with your design services either as an add-on or added extra.

Web Designers

Stand out from the crowd by offering web hosting services to your clients.

Technical Knowledge Unlimited Web Hosting

Support when you need it

We understand that not everyone has a wealth of technical knowledge when it comes to web hosting. This is why we include our premium support service free of charge on all of our reseller hosting packages. We offer support via email, live chat or support tickets through your client account.


Managing your clients?

There are many ways to manage your hosting clients and what you choose will be down to the type of business you are running and your own personal preference. Web designers and agencies may wish to do this manually, however a web hosting business would rather use a billing software to help automate the whole process. We recommend WHMCS as our platform of choice.

WHMCS how it works

WHMCS Billing Automation

Add WHMCS to your Unlimited Reseller Hosting package for only £11.99/mo

There are various ways to use your reseller hosting package to earn additional revenue for your business.

Selling & Getting Paid


Sell directly through your website to potential clients

Add-on Product

Add web hosting to your design services

Social Media

Sell your products using social media


Sell on marketplaces such as eBay & Fiverr

Together, Online.

Need more help with how it works to sell our reseller hosting services? Get in touch.

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