How to Transfer Emails From One cPanel to Another

Sep 8, 2020

How to transfer emails from one cPanel to another

Follow this guide to transfer emails from one cPanel to another. Please note that this will transfer the emails and not the actual email accounts. You must set up the email accounts on your new server prior to following this guide.

Step 1: Backing up email directories

The first step in the email transfer is to backup email directories present in the old server.

1) Login to your cPanel control panel in the old server.

2) Open ‘File Manager’ under the section ‘Files’.

3) Go ‘Up One Level’ above public_html.

4) You can see the mail directory there. Enter into the directory.

5) Right click on the directory and click on the option available to compress the directory.

6) Now, download the compressed file to your computer.

Step 2: Restore email backups

1) Login to the cPanel control panel of the new server.

2) Create the email accounts just as you did in the old server. You can create email accounts from the ‘Email Accounts’ section under the ‘Mail’ category.

3) Open ‘File Manager’ under the section ‘Files’.

4) Go ‘Up One Level’ above public_html and you can see the mail directory there. Enter into the directory.

5) Upload the email backup file to the directory.

6) Unzip the backup file and the delete the zip file.

7) Open Webmail and configure it to display the new email folders.

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