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My domain is already being used error

When trying to create a new account or add an addon domain to a current cPanel account, you may come across the “domain is already in use” error or something similar. This happens when the domain name you are trying to add is already being used by another account on the server or there is still a DNS zone added for the domain.

If you own the domain name, please check that it is not being used as its own cPanel account or as an addon domain and if it is, remove this from the server and you will be able to add the domain.

If you are certain the domain name is not on the server, please open a support ticket and we can check for any DNS zone entries and remove these if necessary.

If you do not own the domain or if it is a new client and you see this error, it is possible, although rare that the client may be moving to you from another of our resellers on the same server. If this is the case, they will need to contact their current provider and request that they remove the domain from their account.